Homework due Thursday Sept. 19 at 11:59 pm

Engage Stephen Chew’s “Beliefs that Make You Fail…. Or Succeed” – About 40 minutes

First, complete this pre-viewing activity.

View and take notes on “Beliefs that Make You Fail…. Or Succeed” by cognitive psychologist Stephen Chew.

Re-read the paragraphs you wrote in class about your study habits. Then write for 15 minutes expanding those paragraphs and evaluating your current study habits in light of what you learned from Chew’s video about metacognition and the misconceptions most college students have about learning. Be sure to use some of Chew’s keywords and concepts in your evaluation. [This activity is an example of the study strategy called elaboration. Evaluating is learning activity that is very high on Bloom’s Taxonomy and therefore, when done well, a highly effective way to learn.]

Study actively for a post-test to be taken in class on Friday.

Engage Saundra Yancy McGuire’s Teach Yourself How to Learn – About 45 minutes

Read the “Introduction,” “My Journey” and “Why Don’t All Students Already Know How to Learn” (pp. 1-9).

Compose answers to the questions on page 5 and 8.

Read the Table of Contents carefully. Pick 2 chapters that seem interesting or useful to you and skim them (learn how to skim) to get a sense of what information and strategies they contain.

Write for 15 minutes about the information you picked up during your skimming.

Here are some prompts to keep you writing for the whole 15 minutes:

What new information are in these chapters? Why is it useful or interesting to you? Do you already use any of the information or study strategies? What information did you already know? To what degree does the information you already know show up in how you study and learn? What would you like to know more about? Do you think most students know this information? Do you think they use it in how they study and learn?

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