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    Eric Drown

    To earn some types of engagement points, you must nominate yourself or be nominated for them. Nominations should include the name of the person nominating, the name of the person being nominated, the amount and type of points for which the person is being nominated, explanation of the reasons why the points should be awarded, and links to evidence in support of the nomination.

    • 250 pts: Growth mindset behavior: notable persistence, flexibility, openness, attentiveness
    • 250 pts: Active listening behaviors: rephrasing, asking another for further explanation, providing relevant verbal feedback, helping another express an idea, challenging or building on another’s idea, connecting your point to someone else’s using verbal signal phrases
    • 250 pts: Committed learner behaviors: contributes effectively during collaborative activities, asks for and accepts help as needed, accepts feedback well and acts effectively on it, works to understand the bigger picture of the class or activity, works to forge a relationship with teachers
    • 500 pts: Outstanding learner behaviors: provides leadership in collaborative activities, drives own learning, shows independence of thought, takes initiative, takes creative approach to activities, proactive in seeking and responding to feedback, takes the next step without teacher guidance
    • 500 pts: had a notable positive impact on another students’ learning (nominated by another)
    • 500 pts: Demonstrably transferred reading or writing strategies to another course
    Eric Drown

    Shamus’s excellent questions on the nature of the assignment today helped all of his classmates get a better idea of the paper.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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