Essay Reflection

This has been a couple hardest months in a very long time, so school and trouble does not mix well. I have been trying to get focused and complete all of my assigned work but I only end up doing some of it. I did all of the workload last semester, it is just the simple fact that right now in my life I am personally not in a steady strong mindset. For the work I did do I feel like it was mediocre for the quality of work I did last semester. I had a strong feeling towards the covering aspect essay and how these everyday people who are just different by a label, color, clothes, just the simple way they identify themselves can cause the society around them to bash them, physically, mentally and emotionally abuse these normal people. I feel like I felt so strongly about this topic because I dealt with discrimination towards my identity before, not to the extent of the way these people get treated but I felt their problems first handedly. I feel as if my ideas and the way I personally felt about both of these essays were laid out on my paper very well and I helped build a strong underlying support towards the topic at hand.

There were a bunch of techniques that we were taught either this semester or last semester and I used a couple of these techniques but I definitely believe I could have put more of the techniques that I was taught into my essay, which would make my essay a whole lot better and probably elevate my writing skills. Another thing that I could have done as a writer would have been just to simply try to manage my time better, which is hard given the circumstances I am being put in right now, but that’s no excuse. I will continue to try and do my work fully and on time.


writing process reflection

Franco Abbatessa


Writing process reflection

In the writing process I feel comfortable using the techniques I was taught. The process i use for most of my writing is for the part of it when using a reading to write I usually find my quotes that match the essential questions being asked to make sure I follow the prompt. When copying down the quotes using the correct way to put them in the writing. Once the quotes are in place I explain what the quotes mean to me or in the way that the writer wants it to mean. Then go back and make sure the paragraph flows into the quote to make sure the background information is there in order to make sure the reader has enough to understand what the writer was talking about in the reading.  To write my introduction I like to start most essays with a question to create a hook for the reader to be more interested in the essay and want to read more. For most of my introductions I like to base some of my ideas of the form of the intro. When writing I follow TRIAC for the most part when looking at the essays. Usually the form of claim, evidence, and interpretation is how I used to write which wasn’t enough for the essays in college so using TRIAC helps me form a lot better writing. When following TRIAC the one problem I had was making everything flow well and not have a well structure form of transitions. So my essay would come out to choppy and sound not well written at all. When writing the yoshino essay I just wanted to put together my ideas before the actual structure of the essay and that wasn’t a good idea because i started mixing ideas together and it got hard to make out ideas and which quote went with what quote. So on the second revision I focused mostly on rearranging the essay to put everything into the right spots. When all that was done i went to sasc to actually finalize my essay and make sure everything was where it should be. When writing the conclusion I base it off of my introduction. So i take the ideas or questions I had in the beginning or the questions I asked and either restate them or just explain how I answered them.


Essay 2 writing process

People today are always being rewarded for everything and you can’t truly learn without having a couple loses and some bumps along the way. Not being able to put your own spin on a passage is something that can limit your success and the way you perceive new ideas especially in your writing. Last semester in my english class I learned not only from my professor but from the texts that we had read that as writers, we have listen to what your reading and then take what you read and be willing to hear others ideas and to have an open mind. I have taken what I have learned last semester and now I can use it for my current english class either when I’m writing a paper or when I’m trying to learn a new subject. With my writing it can be a difficult process even for me but I find starting with 300 words at first then bulking it up as I go helps me the most because I can start off with a base to my writing and built up on each idea and continue to focus on each part one at a time. With my writing process it is however still growing just like me and right now I would say it good but everything can be improved. As a student also there is room to grow and to learn new techniques for writing.

In my life I have always been a student to get my work done right away and try my hardest. Since I have been at college, I have learned so much more than I have in one class in high school. Last semester in class we had to write about what is unlearning in this context and how might you be unlearning better your writing. I looked back to high school and thought about all the skills I was taught like the five paragraph essay and realized that unlearning in this context is talking about be able to forget all those set rules that you had in high school about writing and to make yourself more open to new ideas and to open your mind to curiosity. I saw how you must be flexible with your writing and engage with new sources, ideas and people. Being flexible leads you to new ways of thinking and helps you adapt to new circumstances. Depending on how you look and face your challenges is going to determine your outcome and if you have a growth mindset you’re going to be optimistic and see how this challenge can benefit you in the long run. I know that I have a growth mindset and can see that maybe I am not there yet but with work I can get there and this applies to not only my english class but all my classes. This semester the techniques I have learned to better my writing process have also shaped my entire thought process and have taught me to always be open to new ideas and have a creative mind to give insight on how to learn in a way that will better me this year. If you don’t have a positive or optimistic view on what your writing your not going to have your best effort put forward, but if you have something that you want to write about and passionate about your going to be able to completely get your thoughts out and share your ideas with readers.

Writing Process Reflection

When I was writing my Yoshino essay, I used different writing processes to incorporate into my writing. However, I do not think that this was one of my best writing but I was able to get words onto the page. As I read and annotated the article, I thought about the key ideas of the reading and how I can talk about it in my paper.  Before we began the essay, we were to write about some of the key vocabulary and how it related to identity. Each day leading up the rough draft we were to complete this as homework. Then as I wrote the rough draft, I used the homework assignments to choose what was important to add to my paper. I added quotes into my essay and described my opinion on them.  Next, I was paired up with two partners to review my essay. Doyle and Grace did a great job commenting on my work and telling me where I went wrong and what I need to add. After I reviewed their comments and added new ideas and quotes, I decided that I wanted to delete my introduction as I believed it did not find with the other paragraphs. I created a new introduction that talked about the idea of identity. Lastly, in class, I was paired up with Hannah to go over a checklist of things I need to add to my paper. In class, I read her paper and she read. mine out loud. We highlighted what we need to fix and or write more about. After that was done my paper got deleted, so I was unable to turn in the final draft of my paper. Throughout this semester, I will be writing more papers and with my mistakes from this one, I will be able to improve on my writing for the next ones.

James Baldwin

Through reporting and essays, James Baldwin was a key voice of the Civil Rights Movement. With keen observations, blunt but effective prose describing the roots and branches of white supremacy and white complicity, Baldwin’s writing conveyed something of what it was like to be black in a segregated nation. His The Fire Next Time held white America accountable for racism, but also argued that racism hurt white people too. The notes of pain and anger in his writing ring clear today and enable us to hear similar notes in today’s civil rights activists. Today, writers like Ta-Nehisi Coates and Robert Jones, Jr. aka Son of Baldwin follow in his footsteps.

Read “Letter from a Region in My Mind” for a sample

What Folks Need to Learn

Click on the title to read the full article in The Atlantic

In the years before he became Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam apparently chose not to read books in which blackface was present. “I used just a little bit of shoe polish to put under my—or on my—cheeks,” he said about the day he impersonated Michael Jackson in blackface. “I look back now and regret that I did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that.”

Now, as governor, Northam is choosing not to heed calls for his resignation. He is denying he’s pictured on his medical-school yearbook page in blackface or in a Ku Klux Klan outfit above the notation of his alma mater, his interests in pediatrics, and his quote advocating having “another beer.”

Is Northam, then and now, two sides of the same blackfaced white man affronting African Americans? He wants to be seen another way.

“Now that he knows better, he is going to do better,” a Northam adviser toldBuzzFeed.

He is being presented as another white American awakening to the pervasiveness of racism and his role in sustaining it. His advisers are giving him a reading list that includes Roots by Alex Haley and “The Case for Reparations” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. And they say he has started reading.

From: “A Reading List for Ralph Northam”

writing process reflection

Joey Abely


I have learned many writing processes in my life as a student but the writing process I used to write both formal essays this semester is simple. First all I do is sit down and during my draft of the essay I get all of the words down onto the paper. I try to meet at least ¾ if not all of the word count in the draft. Then after I am done with the draft I go back and reread the prompt and the draft to make sure all of the information included is relevant to the prompt. Then I make sure I have resources with me while making my second draft (books, in class handouts, etc…). I make sure while completing the draft to keep my ideas focused especially when integrating outside sources and ideas into my writing. I have completed all but one phases of my writings processes but every other time I met all my deadlines and word counts. The quality of my work has been good, some of the best I have produced so far at the university. That does not mean there is no room for improvement however as I am always open to critiquing my work. Furthermore I would like to be able to integrate my ideas with others more effectively. I feel as though the quality of my idea development has improved immensely since the first semester. At first I was just writing to complete assignments but now I am writing with a process to better myself as a writer and critical thinker. My work quality has improved a lot as well, I guarantee you would see immediate results if you took an essay from the first semester and put it next to either or my essays from this semester you would immediately see a noticeable difference in the quality of the work. Another important part of my growth in english 123 is just simply continuing to turn in all of my assignments that are completed thoroughly before the deadline and taking advantage of every time we are allowed to revise our products. In conclusion I am extremely satisfied with my writing process and how it has developed over the course of my time here at the University of New England and I am also proud at being able to have almost all of my assignments turned in before or on the day of the deadline.


Integrating thoughts essay

Raymond Evans

ENG 123

Eric Drown

February 11th 2019

Expressing my abilities to integrate my own personal ideas and opinions is something I never thought that I personally struggled with. My problem when first walking on campus was learning how to correctly write what I was was trying to say along with my opinions and observations of what i am reading and learning about. For example in my Yoshino essay i learned and found interesting that there are people like Appiah that think identities are a lie. I used the quote “identities can break people apart just as much as it can pull people together” because i was very interested and thrown back by the fact that even the person saying this has an identity to people. What he is writing about is his opinion and makes him unique of course but as a writer would he not like to be identified as that? Also another question I had about this was what would his alternative be to things like names that give not only people but objects an identity to everyone. I used this as an object of analysis in my essay to later explain what i personally felt he meant as well as what should be learned about what he is saying. I used Kenji Yoshino’s idea of “covering” as well in this essay to provide background information. I used the quote  “focused on what pulls us together instead of what pulls us apart.” He defines True Self as the self that gives an individual the best feeling of being real which is the most exciting way for a person to feel like they are existing. True Self is the most honest way a person can exist with themselves and also coexist with the objects and the world surrounding them. Yoshino says it correlates most with self “spontaneity and authenticity”. I also used the Appiah quote to change the direction of the conversation so that people I could talk about how people with a different way of thinking approach the idea of having an identity. “People do not realize that as a society it is and should be ok to have different people in different groups throughout different communities. These differences should be embraced into what makes our culture and society unique.” I use this quote in my own words to offer my stance and give a reader a new idea to wrestle with about my essay. I use after I shared Yoshino’s stance and opinions to give an insight of what I wrestles with abd show what conclusions i came to.


Reflection – Writing Process

In all honesty, this essay is just not my best work.  I know exactly why I didn’t do well and that’s because I didn’t understand the topic on a level that got me interested in it.  You know it’s easier to write on stuff like animal rights because I had an opinion on that, but my opinion on civil rights and how laws affect how people those people who are affected by them. I’ve always been like you know yeah give them rights people should be allowed to love people, but I’ve never thought of it on a deeper level. So, my writing process is basically sitting down and trying to get it done turn on some music and have all the relevant information upon separate tabs. The way I do a lot of my writing is kind of a combination of typing and using speech to text programs as let me get out volumes of words on to the paper. This helps me get through the roadblock of getting the words onto the paper and allows me to keep up with the workload. On the note of animal rights, the essay animals place think I did well on I was proud of that. I was invested in the topic even though I’m skeptical about some animal rights I was very interested in the topic and very excited to write an essay about it.  It’s it was suddenly I had in my head for a long time about how certain animal rights organizations just take it too far with what they do. I feel like an animal place essay was my first real college essay. I think the essay that has a lot of parallels with The Owens essay as I had a bit of trouble. Mainly due to me not completely reading it. This heavily restricted the amount of material I felt comfortable using. It also didn’t help that this was like A continuation of animal’s place, but it was saying who has more value human hunting endangered animals or endangered animals.  I not proud of it, but also, I don’t remember most of the stuff I wrote for it. A lot of the points were really flimsy, and I think I in an attempt to cover up my lack of knowledge on the topic I turned full blast on the owns trying to paint them as the definitive villains


Franco Abbatessa


I think that the process of the writing and understanding ideas went well. Along with integrating other people’s ideas it went well. Using the classes ideas and ways that they viewed things helped me with better understanding the ideas that were presented. The first two projects went really well for being able to use the ideas of others because the topics were so widespread and could be interpreted in so many different ways it was easy to be able to move and play around with ideas of other people. With the identity essay i used to two pieces of someone else’s ideas in order to prove a point in my essay when talking about how hiding who you really are can hurt you and also how you should never be afraid of who you are.  When writing the identity essay after we did the discussion in class I used some of the ideas that the class came up with in so I could have some background in my paper. When we wrote the Yoshino essay i had to use his ideas and the ideas of others in order to get my paper started. When writing I started off with using the True self and False self but also using Yoshino’s words and helping make them into my own. In my essay using the ideas of others was a little difficult because it was based on a reading so we had to use the context and turn into our own words. But when we discussed it in class everything got way easier. Having discussions and being able to come up with definitions and ideas as a class helps me be better prepared to write an essay because I can actually understand what I’m writing about. Just like how when we went around the room and shared the meanings for covering and all that really helped me. Now integrating them into a paper is the hard part of forming them into the essay to make it flow without sounding choppy or like your writing a dictionary.  When i was using this process i would give myself an OK due to the fact that it isn’t easy to do without being very choppy. There are a multitude of ways to be able to use others ideas.