Rules of Writing

By the time they arrive at college, every writer has internalized a slew of writing “rules” that they have learned from teachers, parents, fellow students, and others. What are the writing rules that you have inherited from others? Tell us a story about a time when the rules seemed to change on you.

Read Faster and Understand More

Many first year writing students ask me how they can read faster and comprehend more. For some of these students, the problem is that they’re subvocalizing words, and using valuable brain bandwidth for decoding words that would be better spent making meaning and meaningful connections to the ideas in the text.  Here’s’s Mark Ways’s guide … [Read more…]

Writing Contest

Here’s a great opportunity to exercise your creative writing chops and maybe win a prize! The Maine Women Writers Collection invites students, staff and faculty of the UNE community to respond to “A Gateless Garden” exhibit at the Ketchum Library Art Gallery this fall. Deadline for entries: November 1, 2016 How to participate: Visit “A Gateless Garden” in … [Read more…]

Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset helps students work more purposefully towards their goals. Coach yourself to have a growth mindset by asking these questions. Thanks to ICTEvangelist, @robfmac, and the people at MindShift for sharing.  Leave a comment in which you tell a brief story about yourself that reveals the degree to which you possess a … [Read more…]