Writing Lab First Meeting – S21

  1. Look in your UNE email account for an email from your WL instructor – write back confirming day, time, and location. If you don’t. yet have an email from your WL instructor, please initiate communication with this email.
  2. Using your UNE email account, write an email to your WL instructor and me addressing the following topics:
    • On Writing – What first comes to mind when somebody says “writing”? How would you describe your experiences with and feelings about writing? What’s one memorable writing experience you’ve had – good, bad, or mixed? What was that writing process like, and how did you feel about the product?
    • On Reading – What do you remember about your first experience with reading? Was someone reading to you? What was the reading material? What do you read now? How would you describe yourself as a reader?
    • On Learning – What’s one non-writing experience you’ve had in which you learned to do something difficult? What was that learning process like and what do you think made you successful at it? In light of that experience, what are three things you’d tell someone about how learning best happens in general?
    • On You – What do you love to do – sports, art, hobbies? What might you like to do as a career? What are your passions?
  3. Questions/What to bring to Writing Lab
  4. Job Description – Scientist – Product Support

Your Writing Lab class takes place in this building.

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