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Need a Hand? Resources for Students at UNE

Struggling in class - Visit the Student Academic Success Center for 
Need advice on courses - contact Advising
Curious about clubs - contact student engagement
Feeling sick - contact student health
Feeling overwhelmed - contact student counseling
need accommodations - contact Student Access
Questions about paying for college - contact the financial aid office
Still have questions - contact Student Affairs.
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Assistive Technologies and Resources for Learners with ADHD and Dyslexia

Frequently assigned readings for ENG 110 formatted for use by people with dyslexia, low vision, or for anyone who prefers to listen to readings.

Apps for Electronic (Paperless) Notetaking and PDF Annotation

Alternative Word Processing Software

  • FocusWriter – free distraction-reducing writing software
  • Scrivener – writing and writing-project management tool, great for research, fiction writing, and more

How to Access Office 365 at UNE (and Install It on Your Computer)

Best Practices for Learning & College Success

Approach Your Courses with the Right Attitude

Introduction to Academic Success – Join the UNE Academic Community

Learn How to Learn

LearnWell Projects Resources

Founder of The Learnwell Projects and learning specialist Leonard Geddes makes learning science readily accessible to students and instructors in compelling and motivating tools. His resources are highly recommended for anyone seeking to improve students’ academic performance. Here’s a small sample. Visit The LearnWell Projects at Mr. Geddes has a YouTube channel as well.

Communicate Well With Your Professors

Time Management

Learn How Not to Procrastinate

Understand What You’re Being Asked to Do

Know What A College Graduate Should Know & Be Able to Do and Work to Gain These Skills and Knowledge

Get the Most Out of Studying

In this series of short videos, Samford University cognitive psychologist Stephen Chew explains how to learn more effectively

Ask and Pursue Questions Across Your Education

Read Better

Take Better Notes

Understand Academic Writing

Academic Writing Genres

Getting Started on a Paper

Writing a Draft

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Revising Drafts

Finalizing a Paper for Submission

Sentence Construction and Grammar Resources

Plan and Paraphrase, Don’t Plagiarize

Plagiarism Resources for Instructors

Writing in the Sciences