Why Eportfolios?


Students in all Composition courses at UNE are required to maintain a portfolio of their work. A portfolio is simply a collection of samples of work that can document your achievement. At a minimum, your portfolio enables you make an argument for why your samples demonstrate what you have learned.

In English 122 and English 123, all students bring the portfolio into the twenty-first century by developing electronic portfolios, or ePortfolios. This is very exciting because it opens space for you to package and present your achievement as a writer, thinker, creator. You can include any of your work in the ePortfolio, and we encourage you to do so. In fact, you control the look and feel of your ePortfolio because it is, in effect, your website!

Collect, Select, Reflect: These three words capture the core of ePortfolio.

Collect. ePortfolio is a space in which to collect your work (writing, drawing, video, etc.). You might think of it as a file cabinet for your work.

Select. From that collection you select samples of your work to feature. In ePortfolio, you curate your intellectual and creative work and identity by making choices about the work you showcase as evidence of learning.

Reflect. In the absence of reflection, any portfolio is merely a bunch of work samples. You give meaning to your selected samples when you reflect on them. You help guide a reader/viewer through your curated digital space when you frame your samples by explaining what they show and why they show it.

English 122 & English 123

Don’t worry about ePortfolio. While each instructor for English 122 and English 123 embeds ePortfolio a little differently, every student reaches the end of the course sequence with a complete ePortfolio. We’ll guide you through the process of developing your ePortfolio. We’ll give you assignments and reminders to help you collect samples, to guide you in making selections to feature, and to structure your reflections on those selections. Some instructors will ask you to complete much of the homework of English 122 and English 123 in your ePortfolio.

UNE has a Digital Makerspace (Digispace) where students can go to collaborate and get technical support. Visit the UNE Portfolios website for lots more information about ePortfolio, including a set of tutorials to help you use WordPress, our ePortfolio platform.