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Spring 2022

Welcome back to UNE! 

Please plan to attend SAS 011 Writing Lab live and in person this week. 

  • Section A – meets Thursday afternoon from 3-3:50 in Alfond Forum 283B.
  • Section B – meets Friday afternoon from 1-1:50 in Decary Hall 202

This email answers questions you may have about your course SAS 011 Engaging with Texts Writing Lab.  Please read it to the end for important information to get your semester off to a good start.

What is SAS 011 Writing Lab? 

Writing Lab provides students in ENG 110 with 1-on-1 supportive coaching for the work they are doing in their first-year writing class. If you are receiving this email, Writing Lab is a required accompaniment to your English Composition course. Writing Lab instructors are professional writing coaches. To learn more about SAS 011 Writing Lab and its benefits, please watch this video: https://youtu.be/rIMg5yMWB5I then read on to find answers to questions we think you might have about Writing Lab. 

SAS 011 Writing Lab is currently listed at a specific place and time on my schedule, but I received an email saying to go to a different place and time. What should I do?

During the first week of class (Jan. 19-21) only you will attend Writing Lab at the place and time indicated on your schedule. After that, starting the week of Jan. 24, you will attend Writing Lab at the time and place established by your Writing Lab instructor (see below).  

So, when and where is my Writing Lab class going to be held after the first week of classes?

Your writing lab class session is currently being scheduled by your instructor to fit into a gap in your course schedule. You may have already received an email from your instructor letting you know when and where your class meeting will be. You may need to look in your Clutter or Junk E-mail folders or on your “Other” email tab for it. If you don’t yet have an email, one should come this week. If you haven’t received an email by Friday, January 21 letting you know when and where your SAS 011 class meets, please let me know by responding to this email and I will look into the situation. 

My schedule says that Eric Drown is my Writing Lab instructor, but I got an email about Writing Lab from Megan Grumbling saying that she is my Writing Lab instructor. What’s up with that? 

Eric Drown supervises the Writing Lab program. Megan Grumbling is your Writing Lab Instructor. Please open, read and respond to any email you receive from her.

I received an email letting me know my class time and location, but I am scheduled to work during that time. 

Lab instructors have very limited ability to accommodate requests for alternative times. Please schedule your working hours outside of class times.   

I was told that there are no Labs the first week of class. When does Writing Lab start? 

Unlike Labs in Biology and Chemistry, which start the second week of classes, Writing Lab starts the first week of classes. During the first week of class (starting Jan. 19) you will attend Writing Lab face-to-face at the place and time indicated on your official course schedule. After that, starting January 25, you will attend Writing Lab at the place/time established by your Writing Lab instructor.  

Do I need any textbooks for Writing Lab? 

No. In Writing Lab, you’ll work with the textbooks and materials required in your English Composition course. 

I have unanswered questions. 

Make an appointment with Eric Drown.  

Best wishes for a great start to your semester! 

Dr. Drown 

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