SASC Writing Support Activities Log Training

Developed Fall 2023 – Eric Drown


The UNE Student Academic Success Center Syllabus promises students that they will practice one or more of the following skills in Writing Support Sessions.

  • Decode an assignment’s purpose and parameters. 
  • Identify and practice the different stages/ modes of the writing process, including revision, proofreading, and editing.   
  • Draft basic essay/paper structures with elements that support a focused, insightful thesis statement.   
  • Choose appropriate paragraph structures to clearly and concisely develop ideas; use transitions to show relationships between concepts.   
  • Align tone (formality and word choice) with writing purpose and audience.   
  • Engage with texts through synthesizing, analyzing, and/or evaluating content as needed to accomplish an assignment’s purpose.   
  • Support assertions with specific, relevant, and correctly cited evidence/examples.   
  • Summarize, paraphrase, and integrate source material effectively, ethically, and in conversation with their own thinking/insights.   
  • Recognize the recursive nature of writing by adjusting strategies to improve the focus, development, and organization of ideas.    

In order to assess the degree to which this promise was kept in Biddeford Campus, Portland Campus, and UNE Online writing support sessions and in SAS 011 Writing Lab, the professional writing support team piloted the use of a “Writing Support Activiites Log Form” to track what happened in sessions.

Analysis of the data resulted in useful findings. Reports on the Fall 2022 data for BC Writing Support and SAS 011 Writing Lab can be found at this link.

As a result, in Spring 2023, we are extending the practice of tracking activities in SASC writing support sessions to those conducted by peer writing consultants. We believe doing so will provide a more robust portrait of what happens in writing support sessions, and – through the metacognitive impact of logging data – expand and improve the range of activities used in writing support sessions conducted by peer writing consultants.

In the future, senior peer writing consultants working on a CRLA Level 3 certification may be invited to participate in the analysis of the data.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this training, Biddeford Campus peer writing consultants will be able to:

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