Ending Racism

“Race”, no not the one were you told ride your car around in circles as fast as you can, not the horses and not even in feet. Race is when a person has a different belief compared to others , and sadly race is color. White, black, tan, race is body type, race is hair texture. Race is a bunch of different things that you are categorized by. Not every black person is the same not white person is the same. I believe there will never be an end to racisms because of the fact that there are still people these days that are racist and they will always be racist until they leave.

In class “race” questions

Throughout this class we have talked about how race affects people in their everyday life. Race is a real thing to everyone, it’s their identity whether they want it to be or not, people are seen based on the characteristics they acquire. Unfortunately, I don’t believe their will ever be an end to racism. Someone will always believe they are better than other people, but not only about race.

However, race is something that people are acceptiving over now, as opposed to 100 years ago. Maybe once another 100 years have past things will change in the world and race won’t be an important subject matter, and not even talked about.  If racism were to end everyone will need to be more accepting of one another and not degrade someone based on characteristics and qualities that can’t change.

What would it take for there to be an end to racism?

For there to be an end to racism a lot would have to happen in this world. If they wanted it completely gone there would have to be some extreme measures put in place for instance that everyone gets treated the same no matter what and that it would have to be a crime to dislike someone based on skin color, religion or anything of that matter.  Personally I believe that it will never end because even if we resolve most of the issues around racism there will always be hidden groups who will protest or don’t believe in it, for example when they KKK was around after black and whites were given equal rights they found a way in order to make the old laws come back in a way of hurting black people in order to get there point across and what they believed in. In this world there is always going to be racism but if they wanted to wipe it out completely there would be an extreme change to everything in the world around us.

Let’s Write: race

Race is real and relevant to every single person on this world considering we are all part of one. But with race comes racism and there are many people who seem to be racist. An end to the problem would not be simple. It would require every racist human being to get on board and realize we are all equal and to have them stop being verbal with their hurtful remarks. In my opinion I truthfully do not see there being an end to racism due to the lack of willingness to change in our society.

P4 write and discuss

Race is real because people face discrimination everyday. Even though race is not in our genes it does shape how you’re viewed in the world because of how you look. Race can impact job opportunities even if a person doesn’t want to associate with their race or tries to escape the stereotypes. Race is real because it is what makes our appearances unique by how races are mixed together. A lot of the differences of race are cultural but they only formed to differentiate themselves and had to make cultures because they are looked down upon.

Feedback #3

One lesson I could improve for paper 4 is integrating my own ideas with other Ideas. I need to follow up quotes with analysis, explanation and connections to essential questions. Another lesson I need to improve is working on my sentence level control. I must watch out for a lot of stigmatizing errors. To end racism society must do one thing and that is to not categorize people. Everywhere we go there is always some type of categorization to people. This categorization causes people to have race which leads to racisms eventually. This is the main reason why race is real because society can’t live without having an image, idea, and belief of what way certain people are. 

P3 feedback

In this class, I believe that my skills for the writing process and reading process have grown stronger to benefit my writing. I have learned how to integrate my ideas with the peer edits that I get from my classmates and to be able to critique their work as well. Even though there are some areas that I feel strong in there is still room for improvement. For my reading process, I need to start expanding my mind into the text and start to use more words when annotating so I am able to better understand what the writer is saying. I have resources to my disposal on our rubric to help me with using more advanced annotations strategies. I also want to be able to take what I learn from the annotations and be able to connect my ideas with the writing. I need to be able to connect my evidence to the essential questions that have been given and to be able to connect my idea with other writers ideas. In the future for this next paper, I will start to write marginal annotations to help me better understand what the writer’s ideas are. I will use what their idea is and take my perspective is and connect them to answer the essential question.

Essay 4 plans

In order to raise my performance on paper 4, the learning outcomes I will need to focus on most are integrating my own ideas with the words of others, writing process and reading process. To improve my reading process I will post quotations and new vocabulary in my quote file on time and everytime and include quotes that are longer and more in depth than the ones I have been posting. To improve my writing process I will complete all of the pre-writing assignments more efficiently and on time. I will also finish each draft when it is assigned and complete it more in advance than I have been. To improve my words with others, I will need to think of more concrete ideas and think of more effective ways to connect my words to what the writer is explaining in the text. To do this I will include more evidence in the text that supports those ideas, also I will bring in more/better perspectives that shift the focus to a new idea.



To get a better grade I need to improve on my reading process by posting my annotations on what is being read. With integrating my own ideas with readings I need to include more quotations. I need to do a better job meeting all of my deadlines as well as working with my classmates to create a better essay.  I also need to do more of the prewriting while trying to answer the essential questions as well as coming to office hours to learn how to discipline myself while writing.

P3 feedback

My participation and classwork is not where it should be seeing as I did not write paper 3. I need to seriously improve my writing process by participating in class so that I can pass this course. I also need to complete all the homework up until the end of the course so that I can earn all the possible points to pass the class. My papers will greatly improve because I will be keeping up with all the material so I will have better quotes and a better understanding of what I’m writing about. So I need to greatly improve in all the learning outcomes to pass this class.