UNE Portfolios Best Practices

Reading Log Page

  • Be sure that your Reading Log page has been added to your menu system. Otherwise, I can’t find it without a lot of extra steps I’m unwilling to take.
  • Also, enable comments on your Reading Log page by looking to the top right of the page in your dashboard to find the Screen Options Open it and be sure the Discussion box is checked.
  • Be sure to post the latest material on the Reading Log page at the top of the page, not beneath older content.


  • Be sure to publish HW other than reading pages on a post, not a page. Otherwise, you’ll have to add it to a menu every time for me to find it. That makes your site look really messy and makes it more likely for me not to find it and give you feedback, which is essential to your development as a writer.

Adding Images

  • Any images more than 2 MB will need to have their file size reduced. Use Preview on Mac or ImageSmaller.com to reduce the file size of your images.
  • Be sure images are oriented such that your website users don’t have to turn their heads or computers to read them. Use the image rotation tool in the Add Media dialogue to make any necessary adjustments.
  • When you add any image to your page, crop out any unnecessary parts of the image. There’s a crop tool in the Add Media dialogue or you can use any image editing app you have before you upload it.
  • Look for the Link To… part of the Add Media dialogue and choose Original Media File in most cases. This will enable users to click on the picture and see the full-size photo, which can make it a lot easier to read.

No Links to Text File on Your ePortfolio HW

  • Please don’t attach text or photo files of your homework to a post. When you do, I have to download the file and open another application to view it. Too many steps. Instead, cut-and-paste text directly into the body of the post or use the Add Media dialogue to insert images.