Today’s Class is Canceled, But There’s Work to Do

Today’s 12:30 class is canceled due to continued storm cleanup. It’s important for you to know that the course calendar continues as planned. You are expected to spend the 80 minutes from 12:30-1:50 doing the activity below that we would have done in class.  Also, you are expected to be prepared for Thursday’s class by completing the assigned homework before coming to class.

Plan your draft in writing (write on a Google Doc; post on your ePortfolio):

    • Describe the elements your first-year college student will need an introduction to in order to begin reading the body of your essay: minimally, they will need to be:
      • introduced to the overall topic (be sure to re-read the Entering an Occupational Discourse Essay Assignment prompt) in a way that enables them to understand what the phrase “entering an occupational Discourse” means without them having to consult Gee
      • Introduced to your particular occupational Discourse and the unique challenges that come with the effort to enter it
      • A description of the purpose of the paper (what you expect the reader to get out of reading it
    • Use your Synthesis Table to describe each body section of the essay: minimally, for each section, include:
      • the concept(s) you’re borrowing/building on from Gee
      • the examples you’ll use from your Occupational Discourse narratives
      • the point of the body section that you expect your reader to take away from the section
      • key quotes from your sources
    • As you plan your body section, remember your essay needs to be able to explain to readers not only how to get into an occupational Discourse, but also:
      • it’s essential ways of speaking/writing-doing-being-valuing-believing and the benefits that come with acquiring that Discourse
      • the range of challenges an apprentice is likely to face (there will be more than 1)
      • some options/strategies for coping with  those challenges, and the cost of not being able to cope

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