Essay 2 writing process

People today are always being rewarded for everything and you can’t truly learn without having a couple loses and some bumps along the way. Not being able to put your own spin on a passage is something that can limit your success and the way you perceive new ideas especially in your writing. Last semester in my english class I learned not only from my professor but from the texts that we had read that as writers, we have listen to what your reading and then take what you read and be willing to hear others ideas and to have an open mind. I have taken what I have learned last semester and now I can use it for my current english class either when I’m writing a paper or when I’m trying to learn a new subject. With my writing it can be a difficult process even for me but I find starting with 300 words at first then bulking it up as I go helps me the most because I can start off with a base to my writing and built up on each idea and continue to focus on each part one at a time. With my writing process it is however still growing just like me and right now I would say it good but everything can be improved. As a student also there is room to grow and to learn new techniques for writing.

In my life I have always been a student to get my work done right away and try my hardest. Since I have been at college, I have learned so much more than I have in one class in high school. Last semester in class we had to write about what is unlearning in this context and how might you be unlearning better your writing. I looked back to high school and thought about all the skills I was taught like the five paragraph essay and realized that unlearning in this context is talking about be able to forget all those set rules that you had in high school about writing and to make yourself more open to new ideas and to open your mind to curiosity. I saw how you must be flexible with your writing and engage with new sources, ideas and people. Being flexible leads you to new ways of thinking and helps you adapt to new circumstances. Depending on how you look and face your challenges is going to determine your outcome and if you have a growth mindset you’re going to be optimistic and see how this challenge can benefit you in the long run. I know that I have a growth mindset and can see that maybe I am not there yet but with work I can get there and this applies to not only my english class but all my classes. This semester the techniques I have learned to better my writing process have also shaped my entire thought process and have taught me to always be open to new ideas and have a creative mind to give insight on how to learn in a way that will better me this year. If you don’t have a positive or optimistic view on what your writing your not going to have your best effort put forward, but if you have something that you want to write about and passionate about your going to be able to completely get your thoughts out and share your ideas with readers.