Reading & Writing Techniques in Everyday Language

Working With Other People’s Words

  • Yield the floor/call up [signal changes in speakers]
  • Take a picture [summarize]
  • Sample [quote]
  • Put another way [paraphrase]
  • Riff on [elaborate]
  • Paint a picture [describe]
  • Frame (verb) [contextualize]
  • Shine a spotlight [draw attention to/bring to the foreground]
  • Put under a microscope [analyze into components]
  • Fill the gaps [infer]
  • Connect the dots [interpret/find the pattern and the outliers]
  • Mash up [synthesize/blend]
  • Remix [extend & change for a new purpose]
  • Pull back the curtains [reveal assumptions & values]
  • Put to work [apply]
  • Build on
  • Support
  • Follow the map [take an approach]
  • Give a name to [categorize]
  • Give an example of [instantiate/exemplify]
  • Take another side
  • Pivot
  • Import [to another context]
  • Tell us how you really feel
  • Judge/Critique/Roast/Clap Back
  • Pay your propers/shout out to your people [cite]

Understanding Readings

  • Annotate
  • Pivot
  • Voice

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