Homework due Thursday, Oct. 24 at 11:59 pm

Engage Kanheman

Learning targets: synthesis, saying why it matters, connecting the dots, writing fast, prewriting, integrating your ideas with those of others

  1. Kahneman defines skill in a precise way and has a lot to say about the over-confidence of professionals who believe they are skilled even when evidence shows that their performance can’t be measured as skillful. Synthesize what Kahneman has to say about the “illusion of skill” with the aim of advising your reader about how to distinguish real experts from over-confident professionals. Say why it matters by explaining why being able to make this distinction is important and who it is important to.
    • To synthesize, you’ll need to select materials-to-think with from multiple locations in Kahneman’s essay and connect the dots for your readers to achieve a particular purpose, in this case, teaching readers how to distinguish real experts from over-confident professionals.
  2. How, in Kahneman’s view, can we make better judgments. Identify the places in the text where he offers advice and synthesize them into a paragraph or two. Then respond by “saying why it matters.” Explain how learning what Kahneman has to say might shape your approach to your college education and/or the way you make judgments and decisions yourself.

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