Homework due Thursday, Oct. 29 at 11:59 pm

Learning targets: critique own work and others, revision planning, global revision, active critical reading

  • Re-read your paper from beginning to end and take notice of the comments you received. As you read, add replies to comments in which you make plans to address the reviewer’s concerns. Add comments of your own in places where you notice room for improvement.
  • Take photos of three of the most important comments you added to your draft, login to the course website, and post them on a new post titled Revision Plan #.
  • Make a copy of the Google Doc containing your draft and leave the original file intact. Make all of your revisions in this new copy of your paper. Most revisions should address global concerns. I’m expecting at least 300 new words in addition to smaller changes made to existing sentences and paragraphs.
  • Revise your paper in line with the expectations laid out in the articles above and the second and third sections of this writing process rubric.

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