Paper 4

Write a web article advising high school seniors how to thrive academically in their first-semester at college.

This article can be written in an informal and engaging tone, but should draw on, link to and embed the writers, resources, concepts, skills and habits you’ve studied this semester.

Your article should target one particular challenge beginning college students often face and offer insights and resources to help your readers overcome that challenge.

You’re aiming to produce a piece of web content that will be interesting, informative and actually usable for students with questions or concerns about making the transition to college academics successfully.

Your article should be multi-modal in the sense that it purposefully mixes text, visuals, video and/or audio to communicate effectively.

Possible formats:

  • Q & A
  • Top ten list
  • How-to guide
  • Ultimate guide
  • Case study
  • Latest trends
  • Premise knock down (debunking prevalent myths about a topic)
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Problem-Solution

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