Writing Lab – First Meeting – F20


  1. Look in your UNE email account for an email from your WL instructor – write back confirming day, time, and zoom link.
  2. Job Description – Scientist – Product Support
  3. Using your UNE email account, write an email to your WL instructor and me:
    • Who are you, where are you coming to UNE from?
    • Tell us about something outside of school that was difficult for you to learn, but was rewarding when you learned it. Why did you want to learn this thing? What was your reaction when you first discovered that the thing you wanted to learn was hard? Tell us a story about a particularly challenging moment in your progress as you learned that thing. What got you over the hump? How did things turn out?
    • What are you looking forward to about working on your reading and writing skills in ENG 110 and Writing Lab?
    • What are you nervous about as you start ENG 110 and Writing Lab?

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