How to Prepare for Your Learning Objectives Conference

Over the next week or so, we’ll be meeting one-on-one for a half-hour conference to discuss your progress towards the course learning objectives.  All conferences will be held in my SASC office, room 4.  You won’t need to check in for these conferences.  Find the conference schedule at the bottom of this post.

Learning Objectives

To make these conversations fruitful, you will need to:

  • Review the course learning objectives
  • Gather evidence of your progress
  • Reflect on your learning

For this first conference, we’re going to focus on the following course learning objectives, each of which is described in detail on its own post on this site.  Start by reading and understanding the learning objectives and the


Once you understand each learning objective, look for evidence of your progress.  Evidence of your progress may include:

  • An ePortfolio post that shows you reflecting on some part of your learning, or the habits of mind of experienced writers
  • Your revision plan video
  • Marked up pages from readings
  • Prewriting samples
  • Peer review comments
  • Description of your attitude and effort
  • Placing yourself on the Continuum of Engagement

Once you have gathered your evidence, you can choose either of the two following options:

A. Write a reflection on each of the four learning objectives we’re assessing this time in which you describe the learning objective and present the evidence for your progress, and then come to conference to talk about your progress.


B. Prepare yourself to present evidence of your progress to me in conference, then write a reflection about your progress, making sure to consider each of the learning objectives.

Remember, you have already selected one of these options in class.

Conference Schedule
Tuesday, Oct. 4

10:30 – Cali (B)

Wednesday, Oct. 5

2:30 – Kenny (B)

Thursday, Oct. 6

1:45 – Meg (B)

Monday, Oct. 10

8:45 – Ciara (A)

1:15 – Ian (B)

Wednesday, Oct. 12

11:00 – Chelsey (B)

11:30 – Blake (A)

12:30 – Hannah (B)

2:45 – Myles (A)

Thursday, Oct. 13

12:30 – Ally (B)

1:45 – Ben (B)

Friday, Oct. 14

1:15 – Michaela (B)

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