Critique Own and Others Work 1

Course Learning Objective: Critique Own and Others’ Work – 15%

Strong writers can effectively evaluate both their own and their peers’ writing. They analyze drafts for idea development, claims, evidence and organization; identify solid elements of a draft as well as targeted opportunities for revision; and consider organization from a reader’s point-of-view. They go beyond merely identifying problems and offer concrete, specific suggestions for revision. They participate fully in peer review markup and group discussion of drafts, and they embrace revision as an opportunity to transform a project. A student engaged in these practices is moving in the direction of mastery.

Some markers of solid critique of one’s own and others’ work include:

  • Comments on drafts that address idea development, claims and evidence, and organization
  • Comments on drafts that offer specific suggestions for change (possible quote, claim, or explanation), not merely a critique of weak spots
  • Discussion of a peer’s ideas include exploration of the ideas in the project, suggestions regarding implications, possible opportunities for extension, and even counterarguments
  • Visible work after a draft that demonstrates efforts to clarify, to rework sections, and to rethink ideas
  • Concrete, specific revision plan
  • Both offers and accepts feedback generously and in good faith


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