College Students Need a Whole Life Planner

Most college-bound students think that they’re going to have so much more free time now that they’re “only” taking 5 courses. Most are looking forward to more sleep time! Boy, are they in for a rude awakening, because of the simple fact that college courses have far fewer class sessions than HS courses.

As a result, much of the learning that takes place in the classroom in HS simply HAS to take place outside the classroom in college. In fact, the usual formula given is 3 hours of preparation outside of class for every credit hour. A student taking a 15 credit load can expect to spend 40+ hours a week preparing for class.

Add to that time for doing laundry, working out, holding down a part-time job, and meeting up with friends, college students need to plan their time carefully, or they’ll quickly feel swamped.

Students need a Whole-Life Scheduling strategy. Every single commitment they have needs to be put on their calendar. Enlarge the image to have a closer look at what the Whole Life Schedule of a student-athlete might look like!

First, schedule all your classes and labs, next reserve 6-9 hours of homework per class, then enter other obligations (work, volunteer hours). Schedule higher priority, but non-obligatory, activities next. Don’t forget to schedule meals, breaks, and travel time. Self-care (working out, meditation, hanging out, hobbies) is important too.  PRO TIP: Most students lose a lot of time sleeping in on weekends. Get the sleep you need, but get up by 9 and book weekend mornings for homework and you’ll enjoy the weekend a lot more than cramming on Sunday night.

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