Trump Questions

  • How do economics shape the feelings and thinking of the people Hochschild profiles, especially their feelings and thinking about race, immigration, welfare, and other political issues?

Economics plays a big part in the way people view and feel about race and immigration, welfare, and political issues due to the fact that they have more money they believe that they are more superior to other people because that they can buy there views. Along with spend the money in order to get what they want.

  • Do you recognize any elements of the “Deep Story of Personal Protectionism” in the Whiteness Project videos we’ve been analyzing? If so, describe and explain at least two of them, being sure to indicate who is saying what and how prevalent each element is in our spreadsheet. Are there any other “Deep Stories” at play in the Whiteness Project videos? If so, what would you call them?

The deep story of whiteness the one that relates to the deep stories is the one with the football players it relates to the article by stating that white players are known or always said to be more intelligent its like how the article said that white people are more intelligent then black.  Along with that more money you have the better off you are.

How does the gap between male lives at the top and male lives at the bottom relate to the idea (from “The Invention of Race”) that US slavery depended on a multi-class coalition of whiteness?

It relates to the invention of race in a way like the people have had to work harded if they have less money so the people at the bottom are kind of always looked down upon because they may not have had what others have. In the Invention of Race it says that people have had to work for what they want in life and so do the people at the bottom.