Homework 1/17

Name stories are very interesting and unique for everyone. Names are special to everyone as it identifies them with the rest of the world.  My name story is unique to me because the story of how I got my name is different and unique to me and my family. I am named after my father’s legal attorney. When my mom was pregnant with me, my father was unfortunately put in prison charged with a wrongful felony. Leaving my mother with the pressures of her pregnancy and taking care of my sister. Our lawyer managed to help the pending case while also keeping my mother’s stress levels low and helping her maintain a healthy pregnancy while my father couldn’t. He would do things such as stopping at our then apartment to check up on my mother and my sister to make sure everything was going smooth. He would sometimes go through the case at our home so that my mother could know what was going on and not have to worry as much. Most lawyers would not push to that extent to make sure that their client’s family is ok. But before that, I was supposed to be Kobe. My mother’s original thought was because my sisters name is Kala was to have my name start with a K as well. Along with that my mother is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan and was very fond of the name Kobe due to his greatness. My father was originally not on board with naming me Kobe until the Lakers won the NBA title that year with many great performances by Kobe Bryant. The other option for my name was Khalil. This ended up being my middle name as it started with a K but got overridden when my mother decided to name me after the lawyer, but she still very much enjoyed the name Khalil. Also, my aunt was the one who helped influence my name being Raymond. On the final days before my mom went into labor; her and my aunt were having a conversation about my final name, she liked the flow of my name being Raymond Khalil and so that ended up being the final verdict of my name. I personally like my name and I’m mostly referred to as Ray, but I would not change my name as I think this back story to it is unique to me and my family especially my mom; I like my middle name most because I think that it is different and I don’t know many people with that name. I think it lands me in a unique place with my name.