In Class Reflection

In the essay that I wrote I believe that integrating others ideas was a big part of writing a successful essay. This is a big part because others show you in your essay their point of view in how you are doing. Sometimes while you are writing you may think of something in your head but it may not come out clear on paper. Having the work of others go to critique your work will show you a first opinion on how you can make your sentence structures better than they were before as well as making things in the paper flow easier. For example, in my paper I described who yoshino was a little to late in the essay but having someone read it and say that it was a great way to go into describing who he was but I just needed to shift where I put in the description of him. Also integrating the ideas of other would be while you are using your quotes you took from the paper throughout the essay. When you are finding quotes in the paper to put into your essay you want to make sure that they flow nicely with what you are talking about. Having the quote connect back to where you located it in the essay is also something I try to do throughout the paper. Sometimes I have a struggle putting the right quote in the right place to make it make sense. Location of the quote you are talking about can be a big part of the essay because if you do not put it into the right context it will not make sense with what message you are trying to get across.