Essay 4 Prewriting-4

  • What are the key beliefs in the Deep Story of the Right/Personal Protectionism?

They key beliefs in the Deep Story is that Trump is solving the problems of white males. They say Trump is trying to shame every group that cuts the line which includes: women, black people, disabled people, immigrants, and refugees. Trump is believed to be taking away benefits such as food stamps away from people who need them because they have many kids and can’t afford to feed them all with the job they have. Apparently, they think conservatives are fine with it. They other thing that strikes the liberals is that Trump wants to disclude undocumented Mexicans and Muslim and Syrian refugees. He is said to have “created a movement much like the anti-immigrant but pro-welfare-state right-wing populism on the ride in Europe” (25). These are the key beliefs that people think Trump is intentionally or not  doing in the Deep Story of the right/Personal Protectionism.

  • How do economics shape the feelings and thinking of the people Hochschild profiles, especially their feelings and thinking about race, immigration, welfare, and other political issues?

Economics have a big impact on how people are surviving. With one of the families Sharon met, she asked their son what he planned on doing in the future and his response was “I’m just going to get a [disability] check like my mama,” (8). This is an example of how economics is shaping people’s feelings about welfare and that it is now starting to affect the younger generations. “The media tries to make the tea party look like bigots, homophobic; it’s not” (17). Many people feel detached from one another because of their economic status. Liberals tend to see trump supports as mainly rich white men, who some feel Trump is only trying to benefit with his policies. However, when people see things certain ways this creates anger and frustration. The two political groups start to hate one another more for reasons like economic status.

  • Do you recognize any elements of the “Deep Story of Personal Protectionism” in the Whiteness Project videos we’ve been analyzing? If so, describe and explain at least two of them, being sure to indicate who is saying what and how prevalent each element is in our spreadsheet. Are there any other “Deep Stories” at play in the Whiteness Project videos? If so, what would you call them?

I somewhat see a connection between the “Deep Story of Personal Protectionism” in the Whiteness Project videos I watched. Nathan, a 17 year old started to communicate his feelings on camera about black people. He believes they they are disruptive and something about they irritate him.  On page 24 of the article there’s the quote, “In this feint, Trump solves a white male problem of pride.” Even though this quote pertains to receiving government benefits, I think it fits Nathan’s case. He is full of pride that he may or may not realize he is inflicting pain on the people he is discussing. Alfredo, a white male who identifies himself culturally as hispanic, may be suffering the effects of how some Trump supporters feel about him or maybe even liberals. He feels that he has more freedom to be himself as a white person than he does being hispanic, so he uses that to his advantage. He is able to protect his identity by doing this which is also part of what the deep story is about.