Homework due Tuesday Sept. 10 at 11:59 pm

Task 1 – Set up your ePortfolio – About 30 minutes

  1. Login to your ePortfolio and go to your Dashboard.
  2. Customize your ePortfolio theme and site identity (particularly your site title and tagline) in a way that reflects you and it’s current purpose as a portfolio of in-process work completed in your first year of college. You’ll find Customize under Appearance on your Dashboard.
  3. Create the category ENG 122. [Look for Categories under Posts]
  4. Create the following categories as children of the parent category ENG 122:
    • Annotations
    • Homework
    • Papers
  5. Create a page called ENG 122. Copy-and-paste the official course description onto your ENG 122 page and publish your page.
  6. Use the Menus tool (under Appearance on your Dashboard) to add your ENG 122 page to the top level of your Primary Menu. Then add the categories (Annotations, Homework, Papers) as sub items under ENG 122. Be sure to save your menu.
Shows sub items under a top level menu item on a word press site.
Once the categories are on the menu, just click-and-drag them to the right side of your screen and release your click. They should end up looking something like this.

Official Course Description

This course is the first part of a two-course sequence that is equivalent to English 110, English Composition. The course begins students’ introduction to writing as a conscious and developmental activity. Students learn to read, think, and write in response to a variety of texts, to integrate their ideas with those of others, and to treat writing as recursive process. Through this work with texts, students are exposed to a range of reading and writing techniques they can employ in other courses. Students work individually and collaboratively, participate in peer review, and learn to take more responsibility for their writing development. Students enrolled in the course must also register for SAS 011, Engaging with Text Writing Lab, a one-credit lab that supports work in ENG 122. Placement into this course is determined by multiple measures of a student’s writing experiences and abilities. Corequisites: SAS 011. 3.000 Credit hours.

Successful completion of ENG 122 & ENG 123 fulfills a requirement in the CAS Core Curriculum and the WCHP Common Curriculum.

Task 2 – Engage the Idea of “Career Readiness” and College – About 45 minutes

These prewriting activities are part of your work on your “What is College For?” paper.

Target skills: active reading and annotation, prewriting, text-to-self connection, text-to-world connection, integrating your ideas with those of others, writing fast for comprehension, inquiry, and learning.

First, take about 5 minutes to make a list of the skills and competencies you think employers want to see in “career ready” college graduates. Then take another 5 to write about the two most important skills and competencies you think are most important to employers and explain why you think employers value them.

Next, take about 10-15 minutes to read and take notes about the skills and competencies employers have told colleges and university that they want to see in college graduates. As you read, write down where your list and this one overlap and where they diverge. Also, take note of what surprises you about the list on the University of Michigan website. If you see something on the list you didn’t expect to see, make a note to explain to yourself why it might be on the list. If you think the list is missing any important skills or competencies, write those down as well and speculate about why they’re not there.

Then, write for 20 minutes about the similarities and differences between your list and the one on the University of Michigan website and your reaction to the seeing what employers say about the skills and competencies they want to see in college graduates with the goal of arriving at a personal definition of “career readiness” that does not conflict with the one employers have. How will knowing what employers mean by “career ready” shape your approach to your first year of college? Also, write about the classes you’re taking this semester. Which seem to be meant to help you become “career ready” in the way the University of Michigan list defines “career ready?”

Publish this last 20 minutes of writing on a new post on your eportfolio. Give the post the title “Career Readiness” and be sure to categorize it as ENG 122 and Homework using the Categories block under the Document tab on the right side of your post editor so that it will show up under the right menu item. Click here for a photo to help you find the Categories block.

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