Homework due Thursday Sept. 12 at 11:59 pm

Write a Paper – About 2 hours

Using the materials-to-think-with, readings, and resources you’ve engaged since the beginning of the course, write a paper in which you construct an answer the following question: “What are the most important things students should learn in college?”

Audience: High school juniors choosing which colleges to apply to
Word count: 700 words or more
Integrating Your Ideas with Others’ Requirement: Incorporate 4 quotes or paraphrased passages from other texts (not including They Say/I Say)
Publish as a new post on your ePortfolio no later than 11:59 PM on Thursday, Sept. 12. Be sure to tick both ENG 122 and Papers as the categories for this post.

Better papers will:

  • Show signs of having arrived at your own answers to this question by engaging the ideas of other writers. Engaging means:
    • Summarizing, quoting or paraphrasing another writer’s concepts, keywords, and examples to support your own claims and ideas
    • Summarizing, quoting or paraphrasing another writer’s ideas to question or challenge them and then offer another point of view in return
    • Comparing the views of two other writers to endorse one or to arrive at a point of your own
    • Pulling back the curtain on another writer’s assumptions or values
    • Pursuing the unwritten implications (definition) of another writer’s ideas
  • Support your assertions with evidence, examples, or expert opinion
  • Explain why the things you think college students should learn are important
  • Explore the implications of your answers for your own education here at UNE and for your post-UNE future
  • Draw from, expand/develop and improve on the pre-writing materials you’ve worked on in class and for homework
  • Use signal phrases and voice markers to distinguish what you say from what other writers say
  • Have a title that prepares readers for the content your paper contains

Not-so-good papers will:

  • Simply summarize the views of others with a brief indication of whether you agree or disagree with it
  • Simply assert your views without considering the viewpoints of other writers
  • Misrepresent the views of other writers
  • Not explain why what you think is important is important
  • Start writing from scratch instead of building on the work already done
  • Not use signal phrases or voice markers to distinguish what you say from what other writers say
  • Have a generic title (ENG 122 paper) or no paper

Learning Targets: integrating your ideas with those of others, revision, summary with a point, quoting and paraphrase, signal phrase and voice markers.

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