Homework due Sun. Sept. 22 at 11:59 PM

Teach Yourself How to Teach Others to Learn


Team BMCB: Jesse Barber, Kyle Messenger, Nick Cavossa, Danny Bloomer
Responsible for Ch. 3 “Metacognition” | Ch. 5 “Metacognitive Learning Strategies at Work”

Team FDSS: Autumn Flagg, Ashley Delisle, Terry Sun, Tommy Slavin
Responsible for Ch. 4 “The Power of Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Study Cycle” | Ch. 9 “Time Management, Test Taking and Stress Reduction”

Team GMMS: Carter Gambone, Jack Mahoney, Markel McKnight, Ben Sleeper
Responsible for Ch. 6 “Why Your Mindset about Intelligence Matters” | Ch. 7. “How Your Emotions Affect Your Motivation and Learning” | Ch. 8 “What You Can Do To Boost Your Motivation, Positive Emotions, and Learning”


Learn Primary Materials & Make a Plan to Teach Them

Use Process Genres and Activities to Learn Your Group’s Primary Chunks of Teach Yourself How to Learn

  • No divvying up the reading. Everyone reads everything their group is responsible for.

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