Coates and his son may experience both the same and different experiences. When coates was a boy, laws in the united states were different and society had different morals. “You have some of the same acquaintance with the old rules, but they are not as essential to you as they were to me,” (Coates, pg. 24). This quotes is explaining that Coates would have to look out for different things than his son does. When coates was a kid he main concern was always being aware of his surroundings because of the violence that he encountered everyday, but his son may only experience very little violence on a day to day basis. Gang language is something his son may have to learn like his father did. To survive in the streets, you must understand a certain language and how to communicate. I think the major experience they will both share are the riots, gangs and bullies that surround Baltimore and what will be different is how they deal with these experience. The way Coates has been writing this article shows how he wants to give his child a better lifestyle than he had. He wants his child to experience the American Dream, and that’s why he’s so descriptive of it. Now that laws are different and the world is more accepting of other races, it has become a safer place.