Blackness project Essay

Ryan DeLuca

April 7th, 2019

ENG 123

Dr. Drown

After watching and listening to the “whiteness project” I was shocked to think that this is how people in my age group think, some people are protected from seeing how brutal the world is and those people are the people that think there isn’t a huge race issue in America. There was another documentary created called “The blackness Project” this was created in response to the “Whiteness Project”. The “Blackness project” is made by interviewing black people and getting their opinions on what they think about race in American, some even shared their personal race experiences mostly about unfairness in the work place, a woman named Verniece says  “If you go into a bunch of folks, you’ll realize that we work just as hard if not harder, because often times my grandfather said you gotta be twice as good in order to get half the credit.” The work place is where a large majority of racism happens in my personal opinion, maybe not by colleagues but by customers thinking they can say whatever they want because they are the customer.

In the past racism was more apparent in the work place amoung colleagues and even bosses, black people wouldn’t get hired because of their skin color they would also be judged harder in an interview by the interviewer, this made some black more conscious about how they were perceived, there was a story about a black doctor who was getting dressed in her scrubs to start her shift and a white nurse came over to her and started asking her questions about her name and is she was a doctor or not, the white doctor didn’t believe that the black woman was a doctor so she took her I.D and reported her. After that experience the black doctor moved her I.D from her waist to her chest area to be more visible. Another story is about a black man who is a business entrepreneur, he dresses normal because he can dress normal if he wants to but, since he is black and dresses normal some people think he is “The Help” so he had to start dressing in more business casual rather than regular casual to avoid such a mistake happening again.

Race shapes people of color in a dramatic way, black people have to plan their lives around the fake concept of race